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. we are live at at&t park. >> reporter: it's wet but no rain on the giant's parade. the city of san francisco will host game seven of the national league championship series. the giants have won two in a row against the st. louis cardinals. going back to the divisional series, the giants have won five playoff limit nation games -- elimination games in a row and
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none bigger than tonight. >> these fans are happy. >> whenever there was a big play, everybody was waving it. >> you are still holding your rally towel? >> yes. >> with a win between them, the fans came out from everywhere. >> the locker room was upbeat. >> being able to watch him dominate the way he is now and be in the zone the way he is, that's him. >> how big was it to get on the board early? >> big.
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every time we scored a couple of runs, it just helped us move forward. >> last year we won three in a row. i plan for the fans and team. >> you looked like you were having fun. >> always, for matter what. i play the game and enjoy it. >> you guys have been able to focus on winning one game. talk about that mindset. >> we can't hit a 20-run hoper. we have to worry bun game at a time. when we were trailing in cincinnati two games and we had
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to win three, you know, we had to worry about one game at a time. >> the giants' offense came alive with five runs early. ryan held the cardinals to one run in seven innings. tomorrow matt cane will take the mound for the giants. >> it looked like they were having a good time out there. we'll have sports highlights later on. right now a live look at the bay bridge. cold, wet weather is on its way. what's the weather going to look like for game seven? >> more rain on the way for tomorrow. good news is, fingers crossed, only a few showers for the game tomorrow. it's at 5:00 p.m. by then most of the heavy rain will be gone. the morning is when well see
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the bulk of the rain. we are already seeing a few showers out there. where you see the green is the rain and the yellow is moderate rain in and around an fran, across the bay bridge -- around san francisco, across the bay bridge, he rain will get heavier tomorrow. the showers will taper off into the afternoon. lots of wet weather this week. police are shooting for a suspect that threatened a father and son with a gun. the two cars were parked next to each other in a parking lot. the child was sitting in the back seat making noise and this caused the suspect to get into a heated argument with the father. one man pulled out a gun and the suspect got in his car and
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drove off. nobody was injured but police are still searching for the suspect. one man was shot and killed by the police and another is in custody for what is believed to be a drug ram pain pag -- rampage. >> reporter: police were called here sunday morning after neighbors called to report that the two residents of the home were running around naked smashing up their own car windows and threatening to blow up the house. >> the guy was running around saying, turn the gas on. set the house on fire. >> when the police arrived, they saw one man run into the house naked. >> he was intoxed or -- intoxicated or under the
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influence of something. >> then a man came out with a gun. >> the man pushed the gun into the stomach of the officer inquiring a second uniformed officer to withdraw his weapon and discharge his when in. >> the second suspect was killed. after that the police noticed a fire in the back of the home. once was out, they made a disturbing discovery. >> there was three animals decap stated -- decaptated. >> moore is the man you see here and this man is the boyfriend who is in police custody. that neighbor remembers them as nice people but says they have been acting strangely, talking
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about how the house was haunted, but he's still shocked. >> it's like a nightmare, like your neighbor turns into a crazy person and what do you do. >> a teen has been missing for four days. they are calling the got father a suspect in her disappearance. they believe the two may be romantically linked and headed to the central valley. >> mendoza was last seen just a few days ago. the teen's got father was in the car, and the teen's friend tried to intervene but he was pushed to the ground. they say it's unclear if the teen was forced in the car or if she decided to get in on her own free will. lieutenant lines says the
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suspect lived with the girl's family but moved out last month. >> we haven't heard from her since wednesday. her family is upset and has not heard from her. >> it did not meet the criteria for an amber alert. messages went out to the border and the national center for exploited children, the department of justice, other law enforcement agencies. lieutenant lions says he doesn't have a criminal history and he's encouraging anybody who may have seen the suspect or girl to call the authorities. >> he was a fieldworker in napa valley and previously -- brief
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e -- and previously in the valley. >> we'll be right back.
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continue their downward trend. the average praise, 4.53. san jose, 4.42. in all three areas gas is down nearly 20 cents since last week. we'll be right back.
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vote in next month's voter registration. it's register at vote dot ca dot goof. dot. a man shot individuals in a salon. >> the search for a suspected
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killer is over in wisconsin. this man was suspected of opening fire at a salon and spa lay sunday morning is dead -- late sunday morning is dead by a self inflated gunshot wound. >> employees say they noticed the suspect was carrying a firearm when he entered the salon. they told police he started shooting when they asked if he was going to rob them. president ordeal is being investigated as a possible domestic related incident. the crime scene will remain active until swat teams can clear the entire area. authorities emphasize the immediate threat is over. >> i want to assure the public all is well. >> the shooting is not believed to be related to terrorism. >> the white house says investigators in wisconsin have
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the full support of the federal government. widespread rain around the bay area and where you see the green is light rain. the yellow is slightly heavier rain. in san jose it's mainly the green. it will intensify through the night. this is light to moderate rain and it's fairly steady now. towards sonoma, getting slightly heavier rain tonight. the bulk of this system remains offshore for this evening and that will spiral into the bay area as we go into the morning commute. behind the storm, some of the heavier and steadier rain. behind that, more showers to
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deal with, and the same for tuesday and wednesday. the heaviest is due in for the morning. for the afternoon, off and on showers. this area of arc tick air -- arctic air makes its way through. we will see moderate rain between six and nine, and look for a few showers for the afternoon and evening. a few may affect the giants' game. midnight monday night going into tuesday morning, another band of showers works through and i think we will see rain tuesday morning, clearing tuesday afternoon. for the see rare a, this will be the -- sierra, this will be the
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first snow. some places, close to 2 feet. a winter storm warning is in effect. high temperatures in the bay area for tomorrow, cooler across the board, low to mid- 60s. a look ahead at the next seven days shows a fairly wet week. tomorrow will be the most significant ranks could get up to a half or full inch of rain by the time it's done on wednesday. more thousanders tuesday and wednesday and clearing for thursday and friday. for the weekend, it's looking okay, a slight chance of showers on saturday. now, sports it's next. >> good evening. if you are a giant fan, for the 5th consecutive game facing elimination, and your boys turned back the opposition.
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first cincinnati, and now st. louis. sit down allen craig, what a great inning for vogel san. 2-nothing, giants, and st. louis can't find the handle. marco right here. he hits 458. it's 4-nothing, giants. the next hitter is pablo and it's 5-nothing. carpenter gets beat up for four innings, six hits,. t scene know was -- zeno was great. a standing ovation. everybody
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going crazy when he exits. 6-1, giants. one more time. back to the wall, facing elimination, three times in cincinnati, they win all three. twice against st. louis facing elimination. they win both times. tomorrow night, 7th in the night. >> it's amazing. this just makes you want to get the job done for them, the things they are doing for me, the cheers and the chance, you know, this is something i'll never forget. >> he's been consistent. he's carried his work into these games. >> in my opinion, he did everything he wanted to do to us. we have had trouble with him. he's made great pitches against
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us and we've made very little adjustments, and he's not making very many mistakes, so that's a tough combination. >> so don't let the weather scare you. by 5:00, it should be good weather no baseball. one other piece of local business, the radars and jacksonville, a tough home coming for maurice jones drew, left early. his backup, jennings, pretty strong. at one point it was 26- 26, the jaguars. late in the fourth your, the gape is tied. if they would have lost to
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jacksonville, that would have been one and five. left play regulation, nfl record, 64--yarder? no. overtime. from there the radar defense took over stripping cecil shorts iii. he fumbled radars set it up. 40 yards, 26-23. radars are two and four. they are at kansas city one week from today. the big news around here, the giants and st. louis cardinals, if the giant win tomorrow, they will open the world series at at&t park against detroit on wednesday. i got a text and note from brian brian van aiken, the weather, he thirty-eight mean? funding. restores what we've lost... music and science labs. and your school. can get a world-class education. and sacramento can't touch it. me? the sky's my limit.
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nissan is recalling the '12 and '13 ultimas. the highway traffic administration say they could have inadequate bolts not properly installed.
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the recall will begin in october. the dealers will tighten the bolts. new york jets backup tebow is claiming a big victory off the field. he trade marked the popular pose tebowing. tebowing is the act of getting on one knee, bowing your method and clinch -- head and clinching your hand. will there be rain tomorrow? >> raining in the morning. for game seven tomorrow afternoon, could be a few showers, but i don't think it will be any heavy rain. i think we are looking okay. for the rest of the bay area, we are looking rainy in the morning and temperatures in the 60s. >> we won't let anybody rain on
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her parade. go giants. good night, everybody.
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